Archipelago: David Blyth, Alan Grieve and Derrick Guild

David Blyth, from Lost at Sea (The Book of Haeckle), 2016

The February Spin event sees our return to Summerhall to look at and discuss the Archipelago exhibition of new work by three Scottish artists; David Blyth, Alan Grieve and Derrick Guild.

We will be joined for the discussion by the exhibition’s curator Jon Blackwood, Lecturer at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen. Jon has an interest in contemporary art in the Western Balkans and is a regular speaker at National Galleries Scotland.

The idea for the exhibition grew out of a discussion about contemporary art in Scotland and how it measures up to other countries. All three artists in the show have well-established independent practices located beyond the Scottish Central Belt. The show offers a different perspective on the artistic visual languages that have developed in the supposedly ‘peripheral’ region of Scotland. The result is – like all archipelagos – an exhibition that can be understood by looking at each artist individually, or collectively as a sum of their parts.