Nàdar/Prakriti by Ravi Agarwal

In our September session, we will be exploring the work of Indian artist, Ravi Agarwal, whose work is currently on show at Edinburgh Printmakers.

Ravi Agarwal is an artist, environmental activist, writer and curator and has shown work across the world, collaborating with artists on a variety of ecologically focused art projects. His practice looks into contemporary questions around ecology, society, urban space and capital.

For his first solo show in the UK, Ravi presents Nàdar / Prakriti a body of work including prints, photography and film, created as part of a research residency in the Scottish Highlands in the summer of 2017. Looking at the Scottish landscape from his unique perspective, Ravi draws parallels between eco systems and landscape management in India and Scotland. The work reflects on the human impact on nature and how different types of pressures are managed. The result is a thoughtful portrait of Scotland, and includes new prints commissioned and published by Edinburgh Printmakers.

With Edinburgh Printmakers moving into their new location in 2019, this is a great opportunity for Spin to visit before the move and hear all about plans for the future.