Persevere – Rabiya Choudhry, Liana Moran and Bernie Reid


We will be visiting an exhibition of new work from a trio of up-and-coming Leith-based artists in one of the area’s unique art spaces. The Old Ambulance Depot is fast gaining a reputation as the space to exhibit among the established and the upcoming artists of Scotland today, and this will be Spin’s first visit.

Persevere has been curated by LeithLate, the founders of Leith’s annual multi-arts event showcasing local and international talent across art spaces and businesses situated within the locality of Leith and the Walk.

Rabiya Choudhry is a painter who has exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently at The National Technical Library in Prague with the International Bongo Bongo Brigade collective. She creates works that are iconographically complex, deceptively simple images that draw together word and image, influences from art history, music and pop culture to explore ideas of love, loss and cultural identity.

Liana Moran was nominated for the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2010. Her current work is primarily focused in collecting an archive of images of machines and objects that have either become obsolete or may do in time, taking form in industrial graveyards, where machines and objects that are perceived to have no further use are laid to rest.

Bernie Reid has been designing for bars and clubs, album sleeves for Duran Duran, and artwork for shops including Stella McCartney and Liberty, since completing a diploma in illustration. His work explores issues of process and style and the oscillation between the two manifests a world of monuments and spirits.

Joining us on the evening to explore these works will be Morvern Cunningham, curator of Persevere and founder of Leithlate, and Julie Clyde, director of Old Ambulance Depot.

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