Raqib Shaw: Reinventing the Old Masters

Raqib Shaw The Adoration (After Jan Gossaert) 2015-2016 © the artist. Courtesy Raqib Shaw and White Cube

Raqib Shaw is one of the most extraordinary and sought-after artists working in the world today. Born in Kolkata in 1974 and raised in Kashmir, he came to study in London in 1998 and has lived there ever since.

Shaw is known for his intricately detailed and richly coloured enamel paintings of fantastical worlds, inspired by Old Master paintings whilst drawing on an eclectic range of sources from mythology and religion, literature, autobiography, textiles and decorative arts from both eastern and western traditions, all infused with the artist’s imagination.

Equally fascinating is how these works are created. Together with a team of assistants, he spends months on preparatory drawings, tracings and photographic studies. The composition is then transferred onto prepared wooden panels establishing an intricate design with an acrylic liner. He then adds the enamel paint using needle-fine syringes and a porcupine quill.

We will be joined by Patrick Elliott, curator of the exhibition and Chief Curator at the Gallery of Modern Art who will provide an invaluable insight into Raqib’s work and the artist himself.