WASPS Artists’ Studios Visit: Louise Fraser, Jenny Pope and Carrie Fertig

Film still from Le Sirenuse by Carrie Fertig. Photo: Rob Page

This month, we will be visiting three artists who each have a studio at WASPS on Albion Road. Artists include Louise Fraser, Jenny Pope and Carrie Fertig.

Louise Fraser’s practice incorporates drawing, printmaking and sculpture and is a response to the environment she inhabits. Her work draws people’s attention to the space they are in, the space they consume and the space they leave their imprint on.

Jenny Pope creates sculptural pieces inspired by beach-combing, collecting, bone structures and geology working with a range of materials including porcelain, limecrete and found materials. Through her work she explores the changes that happen in our internal lives and externally in the natural environment. Recently, Jenny has been working within a hospital, creating large drawings and wearable sculptures which explore personal space.

Carrie Fertig uses borosilicate glass as the main material in her practice of performance, film, installation, sound and sculpture. From the 20 May-2 July 2017, she will be exhibiting as part of Summa at the Royal Scottish Academy with an installation, sound and performance based on the physical, social and metaphysical events of death. The work she will be showing us concentrates on sound, including work from her group Torcher Chamber Arkestra, which features live music, fire, and digital manipulation of sound on glass instruments that she designs, makes, and repurposes.

This is a great opportunity to meet artists living and working in Edinburgh and to find out more about their working methods and approaches to their art-making